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1. Why purchase through AgoNow if I have a direct account with a manufacturer?

AgoNow offers many cost-saving opportunities by allowing you to place one order, for one shipment, on one invoice, all while enjoying the benefits of our mix-n-match freight policy. You maintain your access to the manufacturer's programs and gain the personalized attention to your business that our dedicated sales representatives offer!

2. What makes AgoNow different?

We’re not a traditional master wholesaler, nor are we an absolute service provider; we’re a hybrid, enabling distributors to do things they couldn’t do on their own and enabling manufacturers to access markets and customers that are otherwise inaccessible. We connect dots in the marketplace.

The fundamental ways that we are unique begin with how we are owned and how we chose to go to market. Unlike the other guys, we’re not going to re-visit every month whether we should compete with our customers. We’re making that decision upfront and committing to it.

3. Does AgoNow ever sell to end-users?

We DO NOT and WILL NOT sell to end-users! We are a 100% pure wholesale partner. AgoNow partners as an extension of the manufacturer and will only sell through distributors like you. We never compete with our customers.

4. Will I still receive manufacturers’ support, even if I buy through AgoNow?

Yes. AgoNow has great relationships with the manufacturers’ direct sales teams and offers reporting capabilities to each manufacturer, showing them every detail of your account activity.

5. Where are your distribution centers?

AgoNow has one centrally located distribution center in Tulsa, OK, and can reach most U.S. destinations within two to four business days.

6. What is your freight policy?

Our prepaid freight policy is $1,000 net.

7. How do I become an AgoNow customer?

Our goal is to make it simple to buy from us. Complete the online form and submit, or give us a call at 918-550-4515. We'll need a simple credit application and a copy of your resale certificate.

8. How long will it take to set up my distributor account?

AgoNow will approve your account immediately for credit card transactions, and other payment terms will be available within 24 hours upon review.

9. Does AgoNow require a minimum order?

There are no minimum order requirements on in-stock products. There will be a $10 small order charge for any order less than $100 net. All orders considered a special item(s) order are subject to the discretion of AgoNow and its supplier partners.

10. Will AgoNow drop-ship?

Absolutely! We drop-ship with no additional fees.

Don't see your question? If you have other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at sales@agonow.com.